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Can I use a computer at the JSCC Library? Can I print from the computer?

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JSCC students have access to the library's entire computer lab. Students may print for free.

Four computers are designated for use by the community. If these four computers are in use by students, community users will have to wait until a computer is available. Printing for community patrons is 10¢ a page.

Community users who come in for the first time will have to register for a library card, which will permit them to use the library’s computers. A computer will be checked out to the community user for one hour. A community user may not use a library computer more than once during a day.

In addition to the desktop computers in the computer lab, there are three laptops that students may check out to use in the library. The check-out period for laptops is four hours total. Laptops are checked out with a laptop bag and a charger, and they can be used anywhere in the library. At this time, we are unable to offer printing from JSCC Library or personal laptops.